Short Stories

The Wells Keeper

by J.E. Mitchell A breeze blew over the corn stocks with a mystery message. Though it didn’t speak the children’s language, the young boy understood it was a locator. The witch was active on this brisk autumn night, and she wanted to feast upon their innocence. Wyatt and Karrisa’s mother had told them the tales […]

Rule Number One

There are five rules I like to follow.  Five: Don’t touch any surface without cleaning it first. Four: Don’t jump into strangers’ conversations. Three: Avoid most people. Two: Call ma every Tuesday. One: Never leave home without the goddamn headphones. Five simple rules for my boring life, but I still amazed myself this morning when […]

Collaborating: Evolving Story

Writing Together During First Draft Stage Alright, so starting a novel. Takes a lot of planning, something Hannah and I handle very differently. Hannah maps everything out with what she calls a ‘bible’ of her stories, which are usually over fifty pages. Meanwhile, I like to detail about two pages that give a general timeline […]

The Train Comes at One in the Morning

Written by J.E. Mitchell The train came at one o’clock each morning, though only the bravest had been willing to go at first, but the stops became sporadic before dwindling to hardly anything at all. Then the pandemic struck, and now everyone was waiting outside of where it usually stopped, hoping to get away from […]

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